Inspirational Prints for “Resolution Doom Week”

Data gathered from Facebook shows people give up their resolutions right about…now. Here’s what information from the site shows: there’s an initial 50% increase in gym memberships, every December and January. According to the social network, though, come February about 10% of Facebook check-ins to places with “gym” or “fitness” in the name decrease.

Facebook reports that the drop starts right around the 3rd week of January. By the time the drunken promises of January fade into the grinding hangover of February, most folks have gone back to their old bad habits.  Armed with the knowledge that your resolutions are in mortal peril right now, however, you can steel yourself against the late winter slump. As always, we’re here to help with a collection. This time it’s motivational posters to get you out of bed, and to make your rooms look like the office of the hippest high-school counselor of time.

This Is My Year by ColourMoon


An obvious choice for any New Years resolution. Colour Moon is a European print shop that sells many lovely typographical posters, from the sentimental to motivational. Their posters are all printed on matte paper using high quality inks. Check them out here.

Buy the Ticket… from EscapeModulePrints


This has always been one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors, the late great grandaddy of gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson. For anyone who needs a remind to live more deliberately, this print can be found in the shopfront of Escape Module Studio Prints.

Be Brave by SweetPeonyPress


A gentle reminder of something we all need a reminder of sometimes, spelled out in gold letters. Sweet Peony Press is based out of Canada, and their shop features both typographical and illustrated print. “Be Brave” also has companion prints available–“Be You”, “Be Kind”, and “Be True”

The Mountains are Calling…


“The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go” reads this print from North Carolina store The Art of Type. This print is available for immediate download, so you can print it out and hang it on your wall in the time it takes to read this post. A perfect reminder for anyone who’s resolved to spend more time outside.

Live Fierce by UrbanCurioes

be fierce

If you New Year’s resolution is to be more like a bear, this is the print for you. If it’s not, you should consider setting that goal. Bears are ferocious, sleep for a good chunk of the year, and they get what they want (berries and honey).

This fierce piece of decor comes from another North Carolina print shop, Urban Curioes. If the spirit of the bear is not your style, there’s many other animals to pick from–snakes, wolves, and gators can also remind you to “Live Fierce”.  There’s a kangaroo reminding you to “Live Fun”, a gazelle reminding you to “Live Free“, and a menagerie of other creatures with life lessons to give. 

Be So Good…from TheMotivatedType


Fuel for greatness comes via Steve Martin and London shop The Motivated Type. This print can be ordered from the store for delivery, printed on high quality matte paper with archival inks. It’s also available for download and printing at home.

You could do worse than following advice from Steve Martin, one of the most successful comedians and actors of all time. If you require proof beyond his illustrious career, here’s a video of Steve Martin holding his own alongside late great banjo legend Earl Scruggs.