Gift Guide for Space Cadets and Stargazers

For some reason, many of us lose our childhood obsessions with things like space and dinosaurs. Maybe it’s because we eventually learn it’s really, really hard to become an astronaut and even harder to become a dinosaur. Personally, I try to remind myself how insane space is on a daily basis.

Sometimes I’ll just be going about my business, doing mundane Earthling activities like washing laundry and getting coffee, and I’ll suddenly remember space exists beyond the sky. I remember that, up there, violent explosions bigger than the planet are happening. Above my head are black holes, and comets, and galaxies, and red giants.

Suddenly it seems strange, that here I am, a hairless ape-descendant on the most fertile rock for light-years, getting mad about the hairless ape in front of me for taking too long to pick his drink. Space teaches wonder to children and humility to adults.

On that note, on to the list.

Crochet Solar System Mobile from YarnBallStories


YarnBallStories is a great store, full of lots of unorthodox crocheted works of art, including avocados, bumblebees, and teapots. They are also home to a myriad of knit mobiles. Their solar system is  safe enough for a baby’s room but also a great educational toy for little kids. The planets retain their order from the sun, and the coloring from telescope and satellite photos.

Galaxy Space Bracelet from jerseymaids


The Baltimore store jerseymaid contains a  wealth of space-themed products, celebrating celestial bodies from all corners of the universe. You can order a single bangle, or (as pictured above) a stacked set of six. The bracelets come in two different metallic tones, antique gold or silver. You can also choose the picture on the bracelet from a wide selection of planets and nebulae.

Also very cool–10% of your purchase will go to the Planetary Fund for space exploration and research.

Rainbow Full Moon Pillow by i3Labv


This beautiful pillow makes a great gift that says, “I would give you the moon if I could.” According to the product description, the pillow is 50 cm in diameter and uses  “a real image of the moon, which includes 65 individual frames of the lunar mosaic images taken from Nantes in West France by astrophotographer Norbert.” The creators, South Korean i3Lab, sell multiple versions of this design, including huge lunar picnic mats and glow in-the-dark wall pieces. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Orion Lacy Ring from DittyDrops


Is anyone else thinking of the first Men in Black movie?

This cocktail ring from London’s DittyDrops features the Orion nebula at the center on a filigree band of adjustable antique bronzed brass. If  you live in the US and you’re planning to buy these or one of their other celestial goodies as a Christmas present, you better hurry–the deadline for holiday orders is Decemeber 9th.

Galaxy Bedset from TBedding


Make sure your kids look cool–even when they’re asleep– with these awesome bedspreads from Tbedding. Even you will be jealous when you see them sleeping among the stars. The bedspreads available in the shop are a veritable who’s-who of galaxies and nebulae. They come in all sizes, too, so feel free to grab a set for yourself.

Plant Earth Felt Soap from KatnipStarship


A perfect gift for any Earthling or homesick astronaut, this felt soap from KatnipStarship models the planet we’ve come to know and love throughout humanity. Instead of molten iron and nickel, the core of this earth is made of soap gently scented with eucalyptus, sandal wood, and patchouli. Check it out here.

Full Moon Earrings from Analiese


Like the Earth’s moon, these earrings are sure to make waves.

Unlike the moon, there’s two of them and they make great stocking stuffers. Connecticut shop Analiese sells these lovely pieces, made from high quality prints of the lunar surface in silver bezels. There’s even a matching pendant for sale in her store!  Check it out here.