Gastronomy 101: Unique Gifts For Foodies

Everybody loves food. We’re all made of it.

But most of us have a friend in our lives who really, really likes food, and can’t help talking about what they cooked last night, or the latest restaurant you have to try, or how a dessert recently brought them to tears.

While I’ve always stood firmly in the “eat it and forget about it forever” camp, I’ve come to appreciate people who love food. Appreciating food recreationally is a product of civilized society—in the days of hunter-gatherers you took what you could find, and there was no intentional ambiance to where you ate it.  There were no waiters with helpful suggestions, no garnish except perhaps actual bits of vegetation that got stuck to your food

Food has become a ritual in our culture, a symbol of shared human-ness. Sharing food is an intimate act that says, “let us relax and enjoy the bounty of the land together, since there are no predators nearby to eat us while our guard is down.”.

So to show your appreciation to a foodie, give them something beyond a bottle of fancy vegetable oil, or whatever cookbook was on sale in the line at Barnes & Nobles.

PB&J Cufflinks by Mancornas


Oh man, who wouldn’t love this tribute to the timeless American staple, the PB&J?  Seattle shop Mancorna sells great cufflinks, tie clips, and lapel pins. The designs range from simple and elegant to quirky.

Another cool thing about Mancornas is 5% of your purchase goes to the Seattle Humane Society. Check out the selection here.

“Main Squeeze” by CDesignCards


CDesignCards is a company based in Buffalo, NY. Their understated, retro-inspired design shop includes a “Kitchen Art” section, where you can choose from a healthy selection of excellent prints for the happiest room in your house.  A lot of them are food pun based, like the above “Main Squeeze” print. Who doesn’t love a good food pun?

The prints come on high quality cream linen cardstock paper. Check out CDesign’s storefront here.

Wood Cutting Boards by foodiebords


Kentucky’s Foodiebords is a great place to go for high-quality, eco-friendly, and unique cutting boards. The boards are made from three types of wood native to the Kentucky area: Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, and Cherry. Mineral oil is used as a finish, and the boards are re-waxed with beeswax before they’re shipped.

Foodiebords has tons of unique cutting boards to pick from, in addition to Lazy Susans and serving boards to pick from. Check the shop out here.

Wooden Spatula by HollyHorton 

wooden spatula

The UK’s Holly Horton owns an eponymous Etsy shop that sells hand-painted kitchenware. Holly’s designs have a sophisticated simplicity—the colors and bare wood place the modern beside the classic. Wooden kitchen tools in particular have a special personality, lasting well beyond the lifetime of their plastic and metal counterparts.

The bare beech wood is protected with mineral oil, and the paint with a varnish. There’s 4 different colors to choose from, in addition to a striped design. Check out the whole shop here.

Felt Berries from FeltFoodTruck


In the frozen aisle, this would be the mixed berries bag—but instead of fruit, the berries are made of felt. Like most good fruit, the set comes from California. Santa Barbara’s FeltFoodTruck makes this assorted collection, along with enough felt-foods to fill several felt-grocery lists.The “food” is made with Eco-Fi, a environmentally friendly fabric made from 100% plastic water bottles.

I’m also particularly fond of the avocado and the tangerine. Check out the store’s full menu here.


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