Etsy Rings that Celebrate Nature

Rings are a subtle accessory compared to, say,  necklaces or bracelets . To the wearer, a ring often functions on a personal level as a symbolic memento. They can remind you of a very dear person, like an engagement ring, or of a specific place and time, like a class ring.

Because of their personal nature, rings naturally become tied to specific memories. This makes them excellent for gift giving, especially on special ocassions.

Today I decided to make a list that celebrated nature–my explorations of my hometown of Austin have me marvelling at the natural beauty the city is famous for. Also, there are so many amazing rings for sale on Esty, and I had to narrow it down somehow.

Mountain Ring by everli jewelrymountainring

The ring no doubt will invoke memories for anyone who has felt the call of the mountains. The ring comes in bronze, sterling silver, 10k or 14k gold. The seller, everlijewelry is a New York based brand that specializes in handmade jewelry. Click here for their shopfront.

Terrarium Ring by PlantGardenJewellry 


Botany enthusiasts and nature lovers will find serenity in confines of this terrarium ring from PlantGardenJewellery. The German shop is inspired by the countryside of Kronach, where seller Batina preserves keepsakes from her garden and turns them into jewelry. This ring features a comely combination of moss and lichen, a small sample of what blooms in her storefront. Check it out here.

Feather Ring by AccJay


This delicate feather shape ring comes in either silver or gold plating. It’s from South Korean AccJay, a great shop to check out elegant and understated jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom. Click here to visit the store.

Honeycomb Ring by VoniJewelry


Another South Korean shop, Voni Jewelry also feature elegant pieces in silver and gold. This hexagonal honeycomb design calls to mind the beautiful symmetry of nature. Click here to see more goods from vonijewelry.

Marguerite Ring by GeschmeideUnterTeck


The playful jewelry of Germany’s Geschmeide Unter Teck freezes the world in miniature. This particular piece was inspired by blooming marguerite flowers. I highly recommend checking out the rest of the shop, which features many other tiny scenes cast in resin and turned into jewelry.


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