The Art of Bicycle Maintenance: Gifts for Cyclists

In the wake of climate change and rising gas prices, bicycles have exploded in popularity. As the weather gets warmer, cyclists are oiling up their chains and muttering the lyrics to “Bicycle Race” by Queen under their breath. If you love cycling, or if you love a cyclist, this list is for you.

Wooden Handlebars from WoodOOcycles

Featured Image


The handlebars of WoodOOcycles are one of a kind, literally–the above blackwood bar is listed with only one in stock.  That’s because each one of WoodOOcycles elegant and minimal products are “lovingly and unhurriedly crafted one-by-one” in their workshop in Spain. Fortunately, there’s a healthy selection of styles to choose from in the Etsy store front. The bars are crafted to fit most bike stems. Learn more and explore at WoodOOcycles’ shopfront here.

Six Pack Carrier from Fxyation 


What’s that clinking noise coming down the street? That’s you, showing up to the party slightly sweaty with a six pack of cold ones in tow. The admiring, inquiring eyes of the party-goers fall on the leather carrier swinging from your crossbar. All seem to ask the same question–where did you score such a sweet find?

You will tell them Fyxation, a purveyor of fine leather goods from Milwaukee. The shop is largely dedicated to making sure it’s customers can tote what they need wherever they want to go–whether it’s beer, a frisbee, a bottle of wine, or a yoga mat. Go check them out.

Leather Bicycle Tool Bag from GalenLeather


All the way in Istanbul is another leather goods shop, GalenLeather. Through the magic of the internet, however, they may as well be down the street. This beautiful blue tool bag is hand painted and hand stitched on locally sourced brindle leather. Breakdowns  and maintenance are inevitable parts of biking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix-it in style.

Leather Banana Holder by Biken


Thank god this exists. Made to fit medium to small bananas. Get it at Biken, another purveyor of finely crafted bicycle accessories. They sell less whimsical (but perhaps more practical) leather goods. Their elegant hand-finished tote bags are also worth a look–check them out here.

My Favorite Bicycle Print by Wyatt9dotcom


The good Brits at Wyatt9dotcom specialize in bike-theme printed art. The above is a gathering of beloved cycles old and new, fast and slow, big and small. The poster comes with a free greeting card, which is an awesome plus. Explore their store for more bike prints. I’m a fan of their comprehensive bicycle family tree, a poster that traces the history of the bicycle from the penny farthing to the modern Tour de France racers.


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