Knit Picks: Your Beanie Collection for the Long Winter

Punxsutawny Phil has spoken, and the verdict isn’t good–the whistle-pig predicts six more weeks of cold. But who needs a cowardly burrowing rodent to tell you it’s been, and probably will continue to be, a very cold winter?

That doesn’t mean your head needs to feel the cold, though. The halls of Etsy are littered with knit and crocheted goods, just waiting for the right head to come along and purchase them. Here’s 3 of our favorite shops that specialize in handmade beanies. 



Remember your favorite beanie from a few years back? The one your friend “borrowed”  and then they moved to New York City? (Don’t think I forgot, Charlie.)

Well, Californian shop GlamourDamaged is like a shop that only sells someone’s favorite beanie. Comfy and colorful, big and slouchy, you’re more than likely to find something you’ll love among the hand-knitted stock. They also sell a bunch of other great knitwear to beat back Jack Frost.

slacker boho rainbow2



Home to a who’s-who in the geek community, the Hawaii based Little Popos makes their very soft, whimsical beanies with lots of aloha. The shop carries the knit likenesses  of beloved characters from video games, cartoons, and the animal kingdom. You can order customized to your head size.  Whether you are buying for someone young or young-at-heart, it’ll fit.




Betches That Knit is a hilariously-named store that sells beanies in more subdued, but still colorful tones. They specialized in the super soft, slouchy beanies that are perfect for defending ears against winter winds. The hats are hand-knitted with love and made-to-order.


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