Minimalist Organizers: Keeping Your Resolution in Style

Whether you’re the type in bed by 12:01 AM New Year’s day, or the type to ring in the New Year by waking up facedown in a stranger’s apartment bathroom floor, you’ve probably got a resolution or two you’d like to stick to in 2015.

But resolutions, as most of us have figured out, can be pretty slippery.

One of the most effective ways to change yourself is to change your surroundings. If you’re planning to eat healthier, for example, you can do things like buy smaller plates and get rid of the junk food. f you want to get better sleep, you can invest in a new bed or bed set to be more enthusiastic for nighttime.If you’re looking to get more organized, you can buy planners, desk sets, calendars, etc.

I’ve come to accept that for me, getting organized and staying organized is a lifelong goal. I prefer to keep it as simple and clean as possible with organizing tools–no distractions on the road to my goals.

2015 Astrology Wall Calendar 


From the chesleydyeshop comes a beautiful minimalist calender to help you make 2015 a stellar. Each astrological month features the corresponding constellation and moon phases. The calendar measures 6×8″. Take a closer look here.

“This Week” Chalkboard  


If you want to take a closer approach to time management, check out the chalkboard calendars at MpDecals. The one above covers the week, which works pretty well for me, but they also have models organized by month. Custom sizes for decals are available, but the standard visual dimensions for “This Week”  decals measure approximately 30.5″ x 21″

Goals Journal


MiGoals is a great store, with elegant planners galore–all designed to keep moving and stay motivated toward your goals. Inside this planner is 15 different templates to dream and track your goals, including inspiring quotes to help you along the way. Check it out here.

Wooden Desk Organizer 


Keep clutter off your desk with the Wooden Desk organizer from yimowood. Simple and lovely, this desk organizer is perfect for tablets, phones, chargers, and pens. It’s part of the healthy selection of woodworking products from yimowood, which also include business card holders, Iphone stands, and Japanese kitchenware.

Year Calendar 


I love the design of this whole-year calendar, from the aptly named shop YearCalendar. All of 2015 is right there for you to see, printed on a notebook paper-style poster. You can enjoy the anticipation of special events months in advance, and never forget another birthday or anniversary again. This BIG calendar measures roughly 27×39″and comes printed on Ivory uncoated paper. Peep it here.


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