The Scratching Post: Etsy Shopping for Your Cat

No one, not even internet inventor Al Gore, could have predicted the star-crossed love affair between the world wide web and cats. As love affairs go, it’s a bit of a one way street. The internet loves cats desperately, but cats mostly ignore the internet except when it’s making a laptop warm.

Still, cats give us so much: company, entertainment, and small, dead animals.Since I already wrote about presents to buy your dog, it’s only fair I cover presents to buy your cat this holiday season.

1. Wizard Hat Costume from iheartneedwork

wizard hat

Part of the major appeal of cats is that—in their  heads– they are still the apex predators their ancestors were. Even if they’re wearing a silly hat that makes them look like a tiny wizard.

Iheartneedlework is a purveyor of fine knit cat costumes, and their product photos featuring cats in hilarious hats is reason alone to check out their shopfront. Simply submit your cat’s measurements, and in approximately five weeks you can have a tiny woolen shark, viking, or aviator running around your home.

2. Buffalo Leather Cat Toy from PrimalKitty



There’s a few very cool things about PrimalKitty’s products. First of all, this toy is made with real buffalo leather and fur. Secondly, a percentage of proceeds from the shop go to supporting the Coleville Animal Sanctuary, a shelter local to the store’s headquarters. You also have the option of adding catnip to your cat toy when you order! Check them out now, they have a lot of cool products

3. Shark Cat Bed from CatBall


This handmade cat bed from TheCatBall was made in honor of Shark Week. The bed would make a fine year round present, though. As CatBall’s product description says, “It may not be Shark Week right now, according to the calendar, but it’s always Shark Week in our hearts.” Words to live by.

Currently this item is on reserve but the store will have them in stock soon. You can place a pre-order by dropping a line to the store’s owner, Jennifer. Really, this awesome work of art is worth the wait. If you can’t wait to get your cat sleeping in an awesome ball, their store has a bunch of other really neat designs.

4.Sushi Catnip Toy from BeadleBop



Another great cat toy, this time coming from the BeadleBop shop. This particular platter serves up felt sushi rolls filled with organic catnip. If you or your cat isn’t a fan of Japanese food, there is a veritable (fancy) feast of other food shapes to choose from, including tacos, watermelon, and eggs with a side of bacon.

5. Cat Tree House from PetTreeHouse



Look at that cat in the picture above. That’s pure (purr?) feline wonder in its eyes. That’s because its high atop a tree house made with a real tree trunk (with synthetic leaves for longevity). Treat your cat to the high life courtesy of PetTreeHouses. The store has multiple sizes of trees, ranging at seedlings to saplings to the one you see above.

6. Indiana Jones Cat Bridge


This staple of adventure films can be a staple of your cat’s own adventures. CatastrophiCreations’ makes a handful of very awesome cat structures that allow your cat to stretch its acrobatic nature to the limit. These include cat boardwalks and mazes. If you felt inclined, you could turn your whole house into the baddest cat wonderland there ever was using just their products.

For a full understanding of how cool this piece of kitty architecture is, you should check out this video from CatastrophiCreations here. Take special note of the Mario Bros. pipes. When will those be for sale?


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