Vintage and Industrial Lighting from Etsy

Featured image: Wooden Minimalist Edison Lamp from our store.

Lighting style is often overlooked when designing a room, which is a shame. Light has an enormous effect on our mood–it wields influence over our behavior, performance, and even the decisions we make.

So it’s worthwhile consider how lighting will influence the tasks you hope to accomplish in a room. A well lit study, for example, will boost productivity and focus, while a softly lit bedroom will provide a place of comfort and relaxation.

Vintage-style filaments gives off a warm yellow light that evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Many cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants use this to their advantage to draw patrons into a calming ambiance . This lighting style is often incorporated into “industrial” or “shabby-chic”.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite fixtures from Etsy. You can check out our own lighting collection at The Rusted Key’s store here.

Signature Bookend Lamp from WorleysLighting


WorleysLighting celebrates the warm, simple beauty of wood and light.  All of Worley’s work shares a natural, minimal style. This set of bookends would be perfect for a study, living room, or bed room.

Wheel Hub Pendant from junkyardlighting


Junkyardlighting uses salvaged materials to create new living pieces, like the hanging lamp above, made from a repurposed wagon wheel hub. Junkyard is a combination of industrial and vintage design, and a great place to look if you’re decorating and looking for a functional yet eye-catching wallpiece or chandelier.

Vintage Clock Radio Lamp from Itsalamp


Itsalamp’s Etsy store offers only this description: “We make lamps out of stuff.” The lamps speak for themselves, though, and the above clock-radio-turned-lamp is only the tip of the iceberg (the iceberg of stuff that has been turned into lamps).

The store’s selection includes a wide swath of salvaged antique curiousites including old coffee tins, a percolator, and some children’s toys. Check it.

Rustic Wooden Arc Floor Lamp from AWalkThroughTheWoods


AWalkThroughtheWoods is the Nashville-based company that makes these rustic style floor lamps. They feature an arced base of stained wood and silver hardware. There’s tabletop versions in the same style, if this is a little larger that you’re looking for. There’s currently a “Daylight Savings” sale happening at their Etsy store, so now would be a great time to check it out.

Rotating Wooden Lamp from KKornerInnovations 


KKhorner is an awesome shop hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. It’s very hard to pick a single lamp from their stock of quirky wooden designs. I recommend checking out their store, which in addition to lamps also carries candle holders, clocks, and cell phone docks–all crafted in this strange, unique mechanical style.

Mason Jar Lamps from BootsnGus

colorful mason jars

The store BootsandGus–named for the two owners’ cats–sells these whimsical table lamps that come in a variety of colors. This store is definitely also worth a peek for beautiful Mason Jar Chandeliers (all 100 listings!), which range from modest four-piece ornament to ten-piece canopies.

Edison Bulb Chandelier from UrbanChandy


As their name suggests, UrbanChandy carries lovely chandeliers for urban households. They use repurposed materials–the above piece is made from a reclaimed ceiling tile from a warehouse in texas, according to the site. It also comes in four different colors.


3 thoughts on “Vintage and Industrial Lighting from Etsy

  1. Just wanted to drop in and say “thank you” for featuring our work. I really love what I do and the lamp you featured is one of my favorites. We have a lot more really great stuff coming… heck, we might even wire up an iceberg! Then the iceberg could be the tip of the iceberg. Wouldn’t that be confusing 😀

    Thanks again for letting us inspire you!

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