Terrarium Drunkard: The Best Terrariums on Etsy

While I was doing research for the recent entry on office plants, I came across a huge selection of terrariums. There was more than enough to do an entire entry on. So I did!

Terrariums look great on desk, and contain sustainable ecosystem to ponder while avoiding work. In well lit areas they catch the sun and shine beautifully. Etsy offers a wide selection, varying from tiny wearables to huge pieces that would draw attention in any room.

Note: The title of this entry is an homage to the amazing music blog Aquarium Drunkard, which in turn is a reference to this amazing Wilco song. I listened to it while researching and writing this article, so I recommend listening to it while reading.

Marimo Terrarium from ElecticZenMarimo


This double-globed terrarium from EclecticZenMarimo features two Marimo plants. You can also order a few snails from EclecticZenMarimo’s site to slide peacefully back and forth between the two globes. The above picture is a good example of how lovely terrariums can look in the sun.

The Marimo Plant is a rare, living type of algae from Japan. Recently they were declared a Japanese national treasure. They look very green and fuzzy and float on the water current. In Japan they are believed to bring love and good luck if you take care of them. The good news is, they’re super easy to care for. Here’s a youtube link on caring for your new “pet”.

You can learn more about the Marimo plant at the shop’s dot com site, including the myth of how the Marimo became a symbol of love for the Japanese.

Forest Terrarium from PinkSerissa (featured photo)


There’s an entire world in every terrarium, and the Forest Terrarium from PinkSerissa is no exception. This terrarium comes as a DIY kit, with a free-blown glass bubble as the display container. The trees are formed from Ming Aralia, a dwarf shrub native to India. The kit also comes with lichen, moss, soil, and charcoal to create your forest floor.

Air Plant Pyramid 


Also shipped as a kit, the center piece of this pyramid-shaped piece (also from PinkSerissa) is an air plant. Air plants are beautiful, easy-to-care-for plants, making this a lovely and low-maintenance work of art.

Land & Sea Terrarium Set from MossTwig


Can’t choose between a dry or wet terrarium? MossTwig has your back. Their design features a moss terrarium and a marimo aquatic terrarium, attached at the base by solid Oregon myrtlewood. This one also comes as a kit.

Dandelion Seed Terrarium Necklace from ViperCoraraDesigns


Not strictly a terrarium, this necklace from ViperCoraraDesigns is still a small wonder. Dandelion seeds are encased inside a glass orb that is sure to draw attention to your collarbones.

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