Gifts for Vintage Motorcycle Lovers

Two days ago the first episode of season 7 Sons of Anarchy premiered. Without giving anything away, there’s a lot of blood. And Marilyn Manson!

We’re celebrating the return of one of the best shows on television with a list of our favorite handmade gifts for bikers.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Lamp


Classified Moto hails from Richmond, VA. Their tiny workshop makes custom motorcycles from recycled parts. Check out their site here. It’s definitely worth a click–they make some of the coolest vehicles I’ve ever seen. Their Esty store features a selection of other quirky creations, like the above lamp, made from parts from three different Japanese motorcycles.

Leather Blanket Roll


A Mexican serape blanket is a must have for any true adventurer. Here in California, you can tell any true wanderer by the wear on his Mexican blanket. Get your biker started with this Leather Blanket Roll from SanFilippoLeather.   

12 Gauge Shotgun License Plate Bolts


There aren’t a whole lot of ways to make a Harley look tougher, but these shotgun shell license plate bolts from wildwestjewelryshop might just do the trick. They’re made from real Winchester shotgun shells, and I imagine they’re effective in discouraging tailgaters .

Motorcycle Cufflinks


Also check out The Rusted Key’s own biker creation, the Motorcycle Cufflinks. We make them from real motorcycle chains. Let everyone at the office know you’d rather be riding.


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