Awesome Lego Gifts for Grown-ups

Following the release of the Lego Movie earlier this year, Lego passed Mattel (makers of the Barbie Doll) as the number one toy-maker in the world.

Since its beginning in 1945, The Lego Group has expanded beyond the brick to make movies, video games, and even six amusement parks. Regardless, the company will forever be associated with the iconic Lego Brick, the literal building blocks of creativity for young minds.

But they’re not just for kids anymore. The blocks have inspired adults to create incredible life-size (or larger-than-life-size) pieces of art. Check out some of more spectacular creations at Many designers on Etsy are also inspired by the toys. Here’s some of our favorites 

Lego Patent Print

wall art

This poster from PatentPrints not only looks awesome, it offers some insight into how the bricks actually work. The design is printed on 90 lb cardstock, and you can choose from multiple colors like Blueprint, Vintage Black, or Chalkboard (pictured above). You can also customize the size of the print, ranging from 5 x 7″ all the way to 24 x 36″. 

Vitruivian Man Earrings 


I think had he grown up in the second half of the 20th century, the young Leonardo DaVinci would have probably made many of his early inventions out of Legos. These earrings come from Etsy vendor MermaidSaysJulia, inspired by DaVinci’s famous Vituvian man. They’re a perfect gift for any creator/inventor in your life.  

Silver Tie Slide



Elegant yet quirky, this tie clip is made by BitsandBadges. The one pictured above is a real Lego tile that has been chromed. The shop also sells many other colors, along with a great selection of other classy Lego-themed fashion accessories.

USB Keychains


The awesome shop yesterplaydesigns sells a wide selection of keychains and usb sticks made from Lego figurines. The storefront features a bunch of recognizable characters, like Ned Flanders and Spider man alongside Classic Lego fantasy characters. 

Lego Wall Clock 


Among the many other great clock designs at HoneyPea, one of the coolest is the Lego Wall Clock. It features a smooth “sweep” system instead of the traditional tick. The clock also comes on a white background.


Lego Tile Clutch


This bold statement purse comes from chicklitdesigns. Designer Michelle Wolett sells an incredible selection of artsy accessories, including other clutches and Kindle covers made from real books . 




The Rusted Key sells our own wearable tribute to Lego: Our Lego Tile Cufflinks



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