The Best Cellar List: Etsy Gifts for Wine Lovers

The relationship between human beings and wine is immortal–the earliest evidence of wine dates back to 6,000 BC. Since then, civilizations around the world have risen and fallen, divided by distance, religion, language, and culture. They are united, however, in the practice of letting grape juice ferment until it is a delicious, complicated brew that gets you drunk. 

Recently wine has been experiencing a spike in popularity. The current generation is chugging so much wine it’s changing the industry. The millennial generation comes with demands for their wine: it must be under 20 dollars. They’d prefer if they could take it on the go. And you can keep your awards and pretentious criticism–it’s totally fine and even encouraged to sell it in a box instead of a bottle.

There’s a wine lover in everyone’s life. It’s pretty easy to guess the most common gift they probably receive. But if you want to deviate from the norm, here are some gifts that will assist them in their wine soaked adventures.

Wine Stoppers

All good things come to an end. 

gemstonestopperGemstone wine stoppers from BelleAtlanta feature raw gemstones attached to stainless steel stoppers. The listing offers a wide selection of stones to choose from, including quartz, amethyst, and moonstone.  


Handmade Ceramic Wine Stoppers (set of two) from JasonWolffPottery. 






The two pieces above come from the awesome selection at Biscotti Designs. In my head I call them “knobstoppers”. 

Bike Wine Rack


Issac Brock of Modest Mouse once sang: “Get real drunk and ride our bikes/ there’s so much beauty it can make you cry”.

Don’t do that, it can get you (at least here in California) a Cycling Under the Influence charge and some nasty scars. But a responsible biker can combine two of the most beautiful things in life, booze and biking with this elegant wine holder from oopsmark.

Miniature Wine Set

tinywine2Is there a cuter or more delicate way to say “I think you should cut back”? I can’t think of one. This mini wine set is sold at Kivaford, a shop that sells amazing hand blown miniature glass works. 


Wine Glass Chandelier 



The rustic, upcycled chandelier from IndustrialLightworks features Edison style bulbs and re-purposed bottles and distressed wood. 




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