The Dog Blog: Etsy Shopping For Your Pup

We’ve written before about Etsy products for dog lovers, but what about gifts for the dogs themselves? Shopping for dogs is like shopping for dads. It’s hard because neither group seems to want much more than a little of your time.  But like dads, sometimes it’s necessary to show appreciation for the unconditional love they have given you over the years.–whether you’re celebrating a dog’s birthday or just saying “Thanks for being my best bud”.

Dog Costumes

It’s arguable whether dog costumes are really a gift, since they do a whole lot more for you than your dog. But dogs do love attention, and these outfits will certainly give them that. And they’re not just for Halloween anymore. Consider, for example, this pug dressed in a Thanksgiving turkey outfit. pugthanksgiving or this outfit appropriate for any given Sunday: football pug These costumes come fresh from the Esty store PugsNGiggles.  You should visit this shopfront, if only to see the dozens of product photos of this pug in adorable knit outfits. If you’re looking for more formal wear, you need not look farther than these excellent doggy bowties from BullenBeisser. “What pattern is most proper for my pup?” you might ask. Why, houndstooth, of course. houndstooth   If your dog is a classy lady, then these lovely custom monogrammed dresses from Ruffles for Charli are perfect for any gala or dog prom your princess attends. dress2

Dog Beds and Houses

I suppose it’s also debatable whether dogs can appreciate modern architecture. These cutting-edge designs from ModularDog will look great in your home, however, and your dog will be the envy of all the hipsters on the block. il_570xN.576727984_pjix   il_570xN.569637895_jtvi

 Chew Toys

Finally! Something we know dogs love to do: chewing on things (especially things that squeak). donuts These squeaky donuts make your dog look like a little furry Homer Simpson. The set of individually crafted chewables comes with one (fake!) chocolate and one vanilla donut. These are the work of MisoHandmade. If your dog is more the type to dream of taking down a full grown Red Mountain Elk, check out the Antler Dog Chews from BoldLeadDesigns. These chewables are made from shed antlers (so no animals were harmed). The site claims that they are the longest lasting, safest dog chews available.


Featured Photo by Mike Baird; license 

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