Celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate gets a bad rap these days judged next to her more mysterious and complex sister, Dark Chocolate. But today, July 28th, is National Milk Chocolate Day and it’s time to give her some love. Here are some of our favorite chocolate recipes from around the web .

1. Almond “Supa Thick” Chocolate Milk


For some reason, people have been debating almond milk’s right to exist on the internet lately. During the debate almond milk has remained gracefully silent on the matter. You’re a  class act, almond milk.

Since National Milk Chocolate Day doesn’t specify cow’s milk, enjoy a cool glass of this Almond “Supa Thick” Chocolate Milk from theminimalistbaker.com. If you never known the sheer bliss of homemade almond milk, I highly recommend you try this recipe.

2. Supersized Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


Like almond milk, peanut butter cups take on a whole new personality when you make them yourself. Store-bought peanut butter cups are for kids on Halloween. You are an adult, with bills to pay and forms to fill out, and you have earned these adult sized peanut butter cups from Sweet 2 Eat.

3. Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream


Here’s another cow-less alternative. Not just for the vegans and the weight watchers, this coconut milk ice cream from Vegan in the Freezer challenges the ice cream status quo in the most delicious way possible.

4. Brownie Cookie Dough Swirl Protein Balls


It’s possible to have a healthy relationship with chocolate. Thanks to this Fit Foodie Finds recipe, you can have your cookies and you can eat them too. These cookie dough balls are made with plant based protein powder and make a great after workout snack.

Check out these and other awesome chocolate recipes on our Pintrest.


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