The Coolest Backyard DIY Projects for the Summer

Around mid-July, my June sloth traditionally gives way to a creeping dread that I’m not maximizing my summer pleasure.  I call this my Midsummer Crisis. I usually try to cure it by planning a road trip that I won’t go on or  starting a bunch of projects I won’t finish. This summer I’m really going to do it though.  Really. I’ll start tomorrow…maybe. Here are the projects that I may or may not finish this summer:

1. Ping Pong Lights

pingpong lights When the sun goes down, nothing puts the cherry on top of a summer evening party like strings of lights. This awesome and easy project will add a warm ambiance to your party. pingpong ballscropped

2. Pillow Quilt 

pillowquilt Perfect for any stargazing party, this pillow quilt is a luxurious addition to your backyard.  Stitch together a bunch of pillows or Velcro for easy breakdown.

3.  Sod Sofa

sodcouch This one’s a neat project for people who want to take lounging in the grass to the next level. It takes a day and a few friends to complete. The “frame” is constructed with dirt and then “upholstered” with grass. Why stop at a sofa though? You could make a whole lawn covered living room, complete with a grassy coffee table and ottoman. Here’s a step by step video from Cornell College:

 4. Outdoor Movie Screen 

moviescreen If you’ve completed the aforementioned projects, you’ll have to invite your friends over to bask in your handiness. What better occasion to recline than a movie night? This step by step comes from

5. Tree House

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You know that tree house you’ve wanted since you were a little kid? Why not build it this summer, under the guise of doing it for your own kids? Here’s a few free plans for some pretty awesome tree houses from  My favorite is the modern one.

6. Hammock


Hammocks are, in my opinion, an indispensable item for the summertime. When I own a home, there will be a room of only hammocks. This design from A Beautiful Mess can be used indoors and outdoors. The author made this one specifically for her children, so it supports a maximum weight of 200 lbs. Stronger supports can be substituted to make an adult version, or to make a loveseat for you and your summer boo.  


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