Come Sail Away: Nautical Home Decor Inspiration

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea”- Isak Dinesen


Whether you are decorating a beach house or bedroom, the ocean can provide inspiration for a rustic and calming environment. Here’s our guide to bring the sea into your home. We picked our two favorite oceanic color palettes and matched them to some great hand-made Etsy products.

Sandy Shores


Lighter blue tones accented by white to create a more “sunny day at the beach” atmosphere, hinting at midday skies with soft clouds, white sandy beaches, and gentle cresting waves.  Add shell and tide pool themed accessories (like starfish and urchins) to complete the picture. The baby blue tones are perfect for a child’s bedroom or rooms with lots of natural light.


Beach Decor on Driftwood from Beach Art Designs



Left to right: Ernst Haeckel Jellyfish Nautical Art Print from AdamsAleArtPrints, Boat Cleat Key Rack from Project Cottege, SurfBoard Shelf from MarkerSix , Coral Prints from TheOldFern, Purple  Sea Urchins from SeaShellCollection.

The High Sea


Dark blues and greens create a mellower, contemplative tone, suggesting the deeper water of harbors and open ocean. Combine with distressed fixtures and materials like canvas and rope for a naval atmosphere.


“I Refuse to Sink” Print from BySamantha



From left to right: Individual Nautical Sailing Flags from Slipping Southern, Ingraham’s Captain’s Wheel Clook from KanariKouture, Nautical Drawer Pull Knob from KingsKidCreations, Whale Pillowcase Cover from RoyalKane, Swing Rope Shelf from Palmerfall Designs



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