Top 5 Awesome Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts



It’s easy to take your parents for granted. You rely on them for years and then–if they’ve done their job right– you leave home to start building a life of your own.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, though, and it’s a rare occasion to reflect on the fact that, without your pops, you wouldn’t be where you are today. You wouldn’t even exist.

Dad’s can be especially tricky to buy presents for. If you’ve left it to the last minute, don’t despair, and don’t just run out to buy the first tie you lay eyes on the dollar store. There’s much better ways to show him how thankful you are for yanking your soul out of non-existence.

1. A Real-Life Photograph

Photo development centers have yet to go the way of pay-phones and video stores, and hopefully they never will. These establishments usually can print out digital photos, and an inexpensive frame can be the red ribbon on this simple but meaningful gift. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a framed photograph is worth a thousand Facebook pictures.

2. Your Favorite Book

Since your brain is more or less half the same as your dad’s, chances are if you liked a book, he’ll like it too. You could buy him a new copy, or you could give him your old dog-eared copy. Write a short note on the inside cover to make the gift even more personal.

3. Quality Time

It means a lot to take time out of your busy schedule to spend time with someone. You can make a card detailing your plan, or give him something symbolic, like a fishing lure or a “Dad’s Day Adventure Mix” CD. Plan the day well, and it will be a gift for the both of you.

4. Tickets 

This expands on the above item, and the best part is it requires very little work beyond a quick internet search and entering your credit card information. Maybe you and your dad share the love of a musical artist or sport team. Take this opportunity to make a new memory.


5.  An Awesome Subscription (for the far away dads)

You don’t have to settle for magazine subscriptions, although those are are still classic because they’re a great gift. There are a lot of neat unconventional subscription service that have popped up on the internet recently, like Papirmass, which sends the recipient a new art print every month, SockPanda, which sends new socks once a month, or even Dollar Shave Club, which will save your dad from spending his retirement fund on new razors. Alternatively, you could give him a premium subscription to an awesome online service like Spotify, Pandora(both music), Netflix(movies), Oyster (e-books), or Audible (books on tape).



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